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Psycho- emotional



These coaching are meant to offer assistance to people and the problems or conflicts they experiencing with themselves, others and the world. The work consists of coaching sessions embracing the 3 most know levels of the human being, nl; the body, the mind and the soul.



Our body is the flawless expression of our well-being. It shows us meticulously and without any detour, who we are and how we are doing. Every single symptom, disease or illness is a direct representation we deviated from our inner being, ignoring or neglecting the signals from within, undermining our immune system or resisting our own growth and awareness.



Our mind is one, if not the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. The way we use it determines whether it works for us or against us. Are you aware of your thoughts and the accompanying emotions and feelings that are giving you a hard time. Or, are you losing your self, confused or exhausted by the turbulence of inner thoughts, feelings and emotions?



Everyone will, at one point in his life, realize that fulfillment cannot solely be found in the acquirement of knowledge, ambition, status or matter. That all these are dissolving over time and leave you empty, unfulfilled. While the connection to your soul embodies an unwavering guidance of inspiration, endless energy and motivation.



Assisting towards your authentic you.

Honest with yourself

It is clear, that if you want to work on yourself, your happiness, you have to become honest about who your are. This means reflecting on how you see yourself, the thoughts, emotions and feeling about yourself and where they don't live up to the real you.

Taking away denial

No human likes to be confronted with his own ignorance and personality he collected throughout the years. That is why we keep on hanging on to who we are and deny every other truth about ourselves, residing in the same old pattern over and over again, thinking something has changed. No, it hasn't. It's not because you are in therapy, that it gets to you and brings changes on a deeper level.

Taking away conditionning

Throughout your life you have been conditioned by your parents, social, cultural and political influences. But those are not your values and norms. So we are going to reflect what you have accepted, copied and cloned to peal of layers that don't belong to you.

Accepting feelings

One of the hardest elements of this process is feeling. Diving into the depth of who you are entails old and stuck emotions (energy) that has not been lived through. It is clear that these patterns need the necessary attention in order to liberated from them. Cos there is no use in living with baggage from the past, that ultimately is determining every act through your life.

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