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Designed to be sleek. Built to be long-lasting. Contoured to fit the form of your shin. Handcrafted, because attention to detail when it comes to making protective gear is an absolute must. These shin guards are perfect for Muay-Thai and most importantly MMA. It's slick and ergonomic build enhances your training experience when switching between the clinch, striking or battling it out on the ground. So if you're an athlete with a kick heavy game, get in there with full confidence knowing your champion form is well protected under champion armour
* Shin guard with instep completely guards the knee below against shock-impact and otherwise painful strikes.
* Made using high-quality Maya Hide leather and with a nylon and plastic outer for efficient shock-distribution and absorbency.
* Straps are strategically located at each crucial point backed by high-quality elastics and Quick-EZ Tri-Strap.
* Quick-EZ Tri-Strap is easy to use. It's high-quality hook-and-loop system allows a zero slip-grip when applied.
* Contoured to fit the form of your shin for efficient shock distribution and impact control.
* High-quality hook-and-loop ensures that the shins hug the leg to stay in place without slipping.
* Supremo-Shock foam padding on the inside with a pleasant feeling inner makes these shin pads shock-absorbent yet comfortable.

Elite Shin Guard Blue

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