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​Our sports facility has
a huge number of spaces
of all kinds for even larger amounts of activities.


Are you in need of a space
to realize your project?


We got spaces for
Martial Arts, CrossTraining, Fitness and more...

Take a look,

contact us

and we'll work

something out.


A 160 m2 boxing gym with natural daylight, heating and a huge variety on boxing bags, aqua bags and mega boxing bags for everyone interested in Boxing, Kickboxing and Thai boxing.​


The floor is covered with 2.6 cm tatami puzzle mats that are excellent for all groundwork such as grappling, Brazilian jiu jitzu, etc.​


And as a center point, of course, a boxing ring of 5 by 5 m in which training, sparring and competitions can take place.


Rental price: 25€ / hour.


Our Cross Training Studio is a mini version of a Cross Fit training hall.

With it's 60 M2 surface it has more than enough space to go crazy in your work-out.

It has the basic equipment as a full traction frame with monkey bar, kettle bell sets, medicine balls, weights, battle rope, treadmill, spinning bike, etc.

The floor is paved with 2.5 cm tatami puzzle mats and the whole studio baths in daylight.

Rental price: 20 €/hr.

Rental price with equipement: 25€/hr.



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