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Looking for a Boxing Gym to work-out?

- For individual training,

- Professional preparation for your fight,

- Training in group,

- as organization,

- your own club

- or other...

Feel free to contact us.

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Do you want to experience the mythical veil of English Boxing,

discover the high demands of mental and physical training,

or the exhilarating and frightening sensations of battling in the ring?

Don't hesitate to get in contact.
We are offering tailor made programs of any kind,

based upon each level and possibilities, going from;


- Small to Large Group (min. 5 / max. 50 pers.)

- Anniversary boxing class present

- Inter club exchanges

- Company events

- etc.

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The perfect combination,

a lunch break and a Boxing Gym.

Do you want to optimize your time and your training?

Well, this place is offering;

- A fully equipped Boxing Gym,

- Multi disciplined Coaches

- Self- Training programs,

- Nutritional supplements to sustain your pré and post work-out,
- Variety on healthy plates and drinks

- Shower facilities


Here we go!

Our first edition of sports camps for the summer holidays.
A full program of dynamic sports, Kickboxing trainings, Boxing Circuits, Survival Circuits combined with extra Espace 73 activities to have a wonderful holiday for your kids.



Although we are a very young Boxing / Kickboxing club, 

we aspire organizing our own events, Inter Club competitions, Demonstrations and of course a Gala one day.

We are fully working in that direction.

All help and sponsoring is most welcome.

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